Hey, I'm Leonie! :)

I‘m a full-time traveler, photographer and content-creator. My passion lies in the rawness of travel, and I love connecting with locals and diving into their lives to truly experience a culture and a country. I‘ve been working as a freelance photographer for a few years now and just recently started sharing my travel content on Instagram and TikTok, where I want to encourage people to truly follow their passions and not let their fears hold them back from achieving their dreams.

My travel philosophy: no plan is the best plan. Following that spirit, I left in january 2022 with a one-way ticket and a carry-on backpack to Costa Rica and I haven’t looked back ever since. 12 months and 17 countries later and my wanderlust is bigger than ever. I have a big curiosity for new cultures and people, which is perfectly combinable with my passion for portrait and documentary photography/film.

The key-aspect of my travels: getting to know a country and its people in the most authentic way possible by truly immersing myself in its culture - all in a "broke backpacker" style. Whether its couchsurfing in Mexico, hitchhiking from one jungle town to another in Costa Rica, or sleeping in the car at -17 degrees celsius in a Norway December, underneath the aurora borealis, I‘m down for any adventure!


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